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Running sales in the weekly mailer or Sunday paper was an invaluable strategy for a long time. While it still proves useful for certain markets and demographics, there’s a new force in marketing that can strip shelves clean of products almost overnight—the newest marketing frontier: social media. 

We’ve been aware of the power of platforms like Facebook for a while now, and Instagram became familiar soon after. But now, with new apps taking turns as the reigning social media king, it’s more important than ever to have a strong, savvy, and constantly-evolving social media expert on your team, familiar with the changing digital landscape and the ability to appeal locally and globally at the same time. (Speaking of globally, did you hear of the feta cheese shortage in Finland last year because of a pasta recipe that went viral on TikTok? Now that’s influence.) 

In this changing world of social media and digital influence, we see an enormous opportunity to harness the power of these platforms and utilize them to yield profitable results in food brokerage. Through partnering with influencers at the local, regional, and national levels, we combine effective, traditional marketing techniques with new and innovative approaches in the digital realm. Last year, we engaged over 12 million shoppers through a digital coupon campaign for a southeastern-US grocer, becoming the #1 driver of the brand in 2021. When’s the last time that the weekly mailbox flyer did those kind of numbers?

With our experienced and innovative social media team, we have the ability to pinpoint your key demographic and serve specialized ads to them with a few clicks of a mouse. Ads customized with your artwork and brand, targeted to specific audience, and driving directly to your media of choice (coupon, sale, product page, etc.) are an essential strategic tool for food retailers today. 

Robust social media campaigns, digital couponing, and local targeting through banner ads and geofencing are only some of the ways we enter the digital market and directly advertise our clients to consumers.  In addition to graphic social media ads, we also provide services directly with social media influencers. The natural, unrehearsed format of an influencer’s product recommendation has proven to be the latest, most powerful strategy in selling a product, brand, or experience. Capturing your audience’s attention for up to a minute with a self-produced video highlighting a custom message that feels organic has a greater impact on interest and loyalty in your brand—translating directly to sales and your bottom line.

With a history of proven and reliable food brokerage experience specializing in supermarket and grocery partnerships for a wide variety of food products and CPG (consumer packaged goods), we bring a seasoned perspective and innovative ideas to the ever-changing digital marketing frontier. By partnering with our retailers on these initiatives, we can reach consumers in a highly targeted, relational way. Together, we may even produce the next viral video with your company’s product—we’ll just make sure there’s enough ‘feta in Finland’ first.

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