Our practices are driven by business insights and analytics. Riteway’s category management team and sales teams partner to deliver insights from retailers tailored to our clients. To achieve this, we have invested in the latest cloud-based tools designed to provide deeper insights into each brand’s trends while incorporating our innovative proprietary analytics, insights and intelligence platform, as well as our alignment with retailer category management initiatives. We are recognized as a valued category management partner in the southeast as a highly experienced food broker company within the CPG industry.

Business insights
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Riteway Sales and Marketing provides innovative solutions by utilizing technology to determine efficient shelf positioning for our CPG brands. Our proprietary data platform aligns retailer objectives with clients goals and delivers responsive outcomes for planogram execution. Our data platform enhances insights and delivers results. This allows our skilled insights team to align the retailers attributes to syndicated characteristics to find trends not easily seen and forecast effectively.

Proprietary TOOLS

We have 77 trillion data points and trends from across all US retailers tapping into a wealth of localized insights specific to consumer audiences, brand categories, channels, and beyond. Through additional research, advanced predictive modeling, and in-depth analysis, we can clearly identify growing trends, sales, distribution, and share-growth opportunities for our clients. Our proprietary tools are powered by TIBCO, the leader in predictive analytics.

business insights and tools
strategic planning

Strategic PLANNING

By incorporating data-driven insights into thoughtfully designed phases of execution, our experienced sales team manages all regional sales priorities, from top to bottom; aligning client and retailer strategies to maximize outcomes. Our promotional planning tools give us insights to execute efficiently and deliver improved ROI.

Partnership VALUE

As valued category partners, we are recognized for our integrity, speed to insights, and reliable analytics. Our approach has awarded us with deeper and continued engagement at with our retail partners.

Product, brand, and retailer-specific analytics improve targeted sales channels. Riteway consistently creates value for extensive reach and penetration into each category for its manufacturing and retail partners.

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